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1.  Production Process

-----Currently, the bamboo pulp production base of Taison Group is the largest bamboo pulp supplier in China. The base adopts Kvaerner G2 continuous cooking installation (operation temperature: 134°C ) which can not only save energy but also protect bamboo pulp fiber to the utmost, avoiding damage on bamboo fiber due to high temperature and guaranteeing the strength of 100% bamboo fiber market pulp products.

2.  Down-stream Products

-----At present, our company is the only enterprise who insists on using the production technologies of extended delignification cooking and clean blenching of 100% bamboo material to produce market pulp. Two-stage oxygen delignification technology is adopted for extended delignification. Hydrogen peroxide and a little chlorine dioxide are employed for clean blenching technology.The light ECF bleached bamboo pulp products produced with the above technologies are green products with unique characteristics of high strength and high brightness and are dust free and toxin free. These products are widely used in the production of food wrapper, medicine wrapper, top-grade household paper, textbook paper for primary and secondary schools, cigarette paper, cup paper and other paper products.

3. Environmental Protection Standard

-----The TCF and ECF blenching processes adopted by us totally comply with the environmental protection requirements of European and American countries on products, contributing a lot to environmental protection. Thetotal chlorine and organochlorine contents in TCF and ECF bamboo pulp products are far lower than that in bamboo pulp products obtained with traditional ECF bleaching mode.

-----AOX (adsorbable organic halides) content in sewage far outperformsthe environmental protection standard in China.The AOX (generating cancerogen TCDD) discharge allowance under Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Pulp and Paper Industry (GB3544-2008) is less than 15 mg/l. The AOX content in sewage discharged from our production base is only 0.584 mg/l which is far better than that of in national standard.

The Company received international FSC-FM/CoC (forest certification) in 2011 for producing and selling bamboo pulp from sustainably managed forest land, allowing the Company to enter the international market in respect of ecological and environmental protection and improving the competiveness of the products in international market.

4.  Packing Specification

-----Bamboo pulp products are packed in large package with 8 small parcels; each parcel weighs 250kg, and the total package weighs 2000kg±8kg. The product dimensions are suitable for container of 20ft, saving freight and handling charges.

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